Dr. Sunny Song, Dip.DTCM, R.Ac

Doctor of TCM, Acupuncturist, Tuina Massage Therapist, Teacher

Dr. Sunny Song has been working in the field of TCM for 11 years, but has a lifelong connection to the medicine. Her love of Chinese medicine started when she was young, growing up in China and interested in Daoist philosophy, Qigong and Taiji, which she believes have a close relationship with Chinese Medicine. She obtained a degree in physics from Northwest University in Xi’an, China, but always felt a desire to learn medicine.

Sunny visited many temples in her home town of Xi’an to find a Daoist practitioner. Her first medical teacher was the famous Daoist monk, Master Zhang Zhi Shun, who taught her qigong and tuina medical massage. Sunny deepened her knowledge and skills by studying with blind massage therapists. In 1960s, the government of China established a number of massage schools for the blind, where they trained to a high level and integrated this practice into the medical field. Sunny studied with teachers from a massage school for the blind and developed a sensitive and finely tuned tactile skill, allowing her to feel subtle changes and abnormalities while palpating. In 1997, Sunny entered Xi’an Massage Hospital for systematic study in tuina massage, and began a formal career in health care.

In 2005, Sunny arrived in Alberta, Canada, and practiced as a massage therapist until 2009. Finally following her passion for TCM, Sunny enrolled in PCU College in Vancouver to complete the four-year Doctor of TCM program. Sunny completed her TCMP in 2012 and DTCM in 2014.

After a few years working on cruise ships, and then settling into an acupuncture practice in Alberta, Sunny decided to move to Nova Scotia. Sunny is excited to share her experience with AIH students, saying, “We have benefited a lot from the predecessors and now it is our turn to do something for our descendants.”