Autumn Institute of Health
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Who We Are

Autumn Institute of Health was founded with a vision to transmit the teachings of acupuncture and East Asian medicine with sincerity, integrity and humility.

We are a group of like-minded practitioners and scholars, who believe that our traditions of health care, medicine, self-cultivation, and scholarship play a vital role in nourishing our communities.

Your Space

A student-centred, trauma-informed, life-affirming approach to learning

Training to become a successful acupuncturist is as demanding as it is rewarding. That is why we put the needs of our students ahead of everything else. Our administrators, our faculty, even the physical space itself are all focused on providing a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

Trauma-informed practice is front and centre in every meeting, class and clinic.

Your Future Is Here
Why Study at AIH

Hands-on Training

AIH emphasizes palpation and hands-on skills in diagnosis and treatment. Too much of TCM education is theoretical, while acupuncture is a hands-on practice. Whether they are learning anatomy, acupoints, diagnosis, or pathology, students are shown how to use the intelligence in their own hands to understand their patient and facilitate positive change in the treatment.

Clinic Starts in Term 1

Clinical training is the core of the Diploma of Acupuncture. Starting in the very first week, students are in the Autumn Teaching Clinic observing treatments by senior students and the clinical supervisor. During the first year, students become more involved in the clinic, learning how to run the admin side of things, then helping with treatment. By the beginning of Year 2, students hit the ground running as treating interns, giving them a full 3 terms to become safe and effective acupuncturists.

High Teacher-to-Student Ratio

Practical classes and clinics will never exceed 1:20.

At AIH, each and every student will have ample direct contact with their instructors to learn to practice acupuncture safely and effectively. Students will get immediate feedback on their skills development in palpation, observation, pulse taking, needling, moxibustion, and more. And teachers will be able to impart their clinical and professional experience more deeply, effectively and honestly because of the smaller group sizes.

Exceptional Faculty

Our instructors have extensive clinical and teaching experience. They are carefully vetted to provide the highest level of training possible. They bring decades of experience into every interaction with their students to bring the theories to life.

A Rewarding Career

AIH curriculum and mentorship-based teaching prepares you for a dynamic career in service to others that also enriches and fulfills you. Success looks different for everyone, and our job is to give you the tools you need to pursue your vision.


Learning happens best in community. Your classmates are here for study sessions, moral support, carpooling, and so much more. You learn to speak a new language together and see the world in new ways. Your teachers will become your mentors, advisors, and colleagues. Autumn itself will be here to hold space for your continual growth.

Educational Standards

Regulations & Accreditation

Autumn Institute of Health is a registered Priviate Career College in Nova Scotia, Canada. The Act that governs our operations can be found here >>

There is currently no formal or official accreditation process for acupuncture education programs in Canada. CARB-TCMPA, which oversees the Pan-Canadian board examinations, has been developing these standards.

AIH Director, Henry Claflin, was on the committee that designed the education accreditation standards for CARB-TCMPA. He poured over the standards in other countries and spent hours discussing with colleagues on the committee the details of what makes a great acupuncture program. AIH was created with these standards in mind, following our mission to provide world-class acupuncture training.