Ali Jopp Registered Acupuncturist

Ali Jopp, Dip.DTCM, R.TCMP, R.Ac

Registered Acupuncturist, East Asian Medicine Practitioner, Teacher and Clinical Supervisor

Ali Jopp (she/her) is a Registered Acupuncturist with the Nova Scotia Association of Acupuncturists. In her practice, she focuses on mental health, insomnia, auto-immune conditions, digestive issues, and gynaecology.

As a mother, she has a particular interest (and advanced training) in obstetrical health, including prenatal care, labour preparation, cervical ripening and postpartum care.

Ali grew up in a working class home with economic insecurity, and several of her extended family members struggled with mental health. These early experiences inform her understanding of epigenetic trauma, poverty, and intersectionality, and shape her perspective of how to offer accessible clinical care.

She is profoundly grateful to have discovered Traditional East Asian Medicine and its attendant philosophy and worldview. Its lessons on the inevitability of change, and how to move through it, such as “sweet life, bitter taste; bitter taste, sweet life” and “chop wood, carry water” serve as a wellspring of inspiration.

At its root, her practice is inspired by her beloved college teacher Dr. Jing Zhang and the importance of “yangsheng” or “life nourishing practices.” As such, a treatment with her will always include take home care such as dietary and herbal recommendations, qi gong exercises, acupressure, meridian massage, and lifestyle changes.

You can find Ali in practice at Stil Space in Halifax: